Need for introspection on misuse of government money for political purposes

  • Introspect for 3 months, then review will be conducted
  • Chief MinisterKamal Nath at dialogue session of Jan Abhiyan Parishad

Bhopal. Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath said at the dialogue session of Jan Abhiyan Parishad that there is a need for introspection over misuse of government funds to meet political objectives. Nath said that there is a time of three months for introspection. After this a review will be conducted. It may be noted that the Chief Minister is the Chairman of the Parishad. The dialogue session was organized at Samanvay Bhavan.

The Chief Minister asked the Parishad team as to what was the purpose of formation of the Jan Abhiyan Parishad and in all these years it has been taken in which direction. There is a need to assess and for contemplation. Should the organization formed for the purpose of furthering development works, work as a political entity, this question should be considered too. He said that the truth about the Parishad is not hidden from anyone. Should such an institution be tolerated? Should the Chief Minister, who is answerable to the people, be the head of such an institution, which is misusing the government money to promote political organisations. The responsibility of introspection on this lies with the Parishad team, this team should ponder on whether the institution is on the right track. The Chief Minister said that truth cannot be hidden. He said that there is sympathy for the team working in the Parishad but the truth is also before us.

The Chief Minister told to do whatever is right for the people of the state. Do not bring political reasons in between. Work in the interest of the state. He told the Parishad team that they should contemplate and improve themselves. Do not support any political party. Only recognize the truth and support truth.

The Chief Minister said that culture of India is a culture of connecting hearts. The reason for this is tolerance, which has existed in Indian society for centuries. He said that India is a country full of diversities and varieties. Unity in diversity is the power of India. The Chief Minister said that it is a strange thing that those who have not contributed to the freedom struggle are giving lessons on patriotism. The members also put their views before the Chief Minister.

Additional Chief Secretary Planning Shri K.K. Singh, Executive Director Shri Jitendra Raje and Coordinators of the Parishad at district and block level were present on the occasion.