Chief Minister Kamal Nath speaks over phone to father of Priyansh and Shreyansh

I am pained with sorrowful incident :Criminals will have to pay for this gruesome act
Police must take strict measures, Make efforts to apprehend culprits

Bhopal. The Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath said that criminals will have to pay for their gruesome act which they done with the abducted children of Satna. Shri Kamal Nath spoke to Shri Brijesh Rawat, the father of Priyansh and Shreyansh in the morning today and expressed profound grief over the incident. He mentioned that criminals will not be spared at any cost. Shri Nath gave strict instructions to the police to make every possible effort for stringent action against the culprits.

Shri Kamal Nath said that he is pained with the horrific incident. Criminal will not be spared for this heinous act. He assured Shri Brijesh Rawat that not only criminals involved in this incident will be apprehended but stringent punishment will be given to them. Consoling the family, he said that the entire government is with the bereaved family in this hour of grief.

The Chief Minister stated that no negligence will be tolerated in this case and to keep strict watch on criminals and in border areas. Make strict checking arrangements at the borders. Shri Kamal Nath mentioned that he will not let Madhya Pradesh become a den of criminals. Moreover, the Chief Minister has told the police administration to tighten its arrangements and to arrest the criminals immediately.